We encourage our athletes to participate in as many Tournaments as their schedule allows.  Tournaments for all levels of play. Tournaments give athletes an opportunity to develop their strategic game, as well as continuing to advance their stroke/production skills.

USTA Tournaments

Junior Tournaments in Texas and elsewhere have changed for 2021.  The USTA has implemented a new nationwide structure to provide greater consistency and more opportunities for players, parents and coaches.  The new system utilized seven levels of events from Level 7 (Intermediate) to Level (National), as well as a universal ranking system that distributes points consistently across the country.  There will also be non-ranking events with age appropriate competition, development and fun available for players of all ages.

As a guideline in Texas, a previous Challenger Level player might sign up for a Level 7, 1 day tournament or a Level 6, 2 day tournament.  A Champs level player might sign up for a Level 5 or 6 tournament.  As your child plays more tournaments, it will become more obvious which levels are appropriate.  For Levels 6 and higher, the highest ranked players who are registered will get in to the tournament.  A “Closed” Tournament is only for Texas players.  An “Open” Tournament allows players from any Section to register.

To sign up for a tournament, go to:  At the top put in your Player Category (Junior 18), Location (zip code) and Date Range.  Hit “Search” and tournaments will be listed.  You can filter the results by scrolling down and putting in gender, age range, distance and event type.  Rankings can be found on the same website.


UTR Tournaments

In addition to USTA tournaments, there are now tournaments under the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system. The UTR system is a global rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world.  It was devised in order to encourage and facilitate matches between similarly rated players. This led to the development of a truly “universal” rating system and methodology—now called the Universal Tennis Rating System– that is based on principles not found in other tennis rating systems. All players, regardless of age, gender, geography or skill level are rated on the same scale between 1 and 16.50 based on actual match results. Tournaments are for all ages and genders.

For more information and to sign up for a tournament, please see the UTR Events page.