Dragon Tennis


Definition of Teams


Tennis in Carroll ISD is a no cut sport. At the high school level we have a Varsity, a JV team and also a developmental/PE Tennis course.

Varsity: Competitive team comprised of the programs top players that display strong tennis skills and strategy, leadership, competitiveness, sportsmanship, and work ethic.  Each player in the program should be striving and working towards a place on this competitive and elite team. These players usually have Champ or Super Champ level tournament experience and play USTA tournaments on a consistent basis. They attend group and private lessons on a regular basis (2-4/week) outside of school practice. They usually have a strong physical as well as strong mental game of tennis. They understand and have the ability to strategically change their game if necessary in a match to be successful. They are confident playing both doubles and singles. They feel comfortable coming to the net and are able to win points off of approach shots and the volley.

Junior Varsity: A mix of advanced players with competitive USTA tournament experience, that display strong tennis skills, competitiveness, sportsmanship, and work ethic and players that are striving to and demonstrate the potential to be a contributing member of the Varsity tennis program. These players may need to continue advancing their stroke production/skills, playing strategies as well as need more competitive match experience. They are working on developing their confidence and skills at the net as well as developing their mental game. Players on the JV team towards the top of the lineup may have the opportunity to play some varsity level tournaments in the spring.  Other JV team matches/tournaments will be against stronger JV teams within the Metroplex. Seniors that do not make the cut for varsity are generally not part of the JV team.

*In a program our size, not all players will have equal number of matches. Our competing teams do not have the numbers we have nor the depth that we have. However, we want to give as many players as possible the opportunity to participate.  We will do our best to get all players competitive match play. Players toward the bottom of the lineup will not have as many opportunities to play matches throughout the year. Players in these positions should use this as motivation to take every opportunity given to continuously strive to move up in the lineup of the premiere team.

PE Tennis: The PE Tennis classes will meet every other day, depending on A or B days.  These teams do not compete against other schools, but do play matches amongst themselves.  These players will be challenged based on their talent level which will vary.  Some may have tournament experience and take private lessons or drill.  There may also be beginning players who are learning basic strokes, court strategies, and proper scoring.  These players need to learn which grip to use for each stroke and are beginning to understand basic court movement.  Players in PE Tennis may also just enjoy the game and are satisfied where they are currently.  No matter what level they are at currently, they will be challenged and have an enjoyable experience of playing the game.